Can you believe just how quickly time flys by. It was on 5th March 1936 that the first Supermarine Spitfire prototype took to the skies. It was two years later that the first operational Spitfire served at RAF Duxford,  home to 19 Squadron.

82 years later this Icon of the Skies celebrates one of history’s most important weapons in a glorious new light. The Spitfire is the best known symbol of the war years for generations of Britons. From the deep haunting growl of its Rolls Royce engine to the elegant style of its elliptical wing, it is perhaps the most famous and revered combat aeroplane ever built. During wartime, it held an unrivalled reputation amongst Allied and Axis airmen and right up today it still continues to hold aviation enthusiasts in thrall.

Not only tests pilots Jeffrey Quill, Mat Summers and Alex Henshaw but the famous Spitfire aces like Sailor Malan, Al Deere and others all added to the legend of this lovely, but deadly, little fighter that the designers Reginald J. Mitchell and Joseph Smith gave to each and every one of us that are Spitfire fanatics.

We all hope that we will continue to see these magnificent aircraft still flying for many many years to come.

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