Further to my news letter on the 26th July I have now received details of the remaining few alive  pilots that flew in The Battle of Britain.

Of the 2917 pilots that flew in The Battle of Britain, ( this being the official number of pilots ) from 10th July 1940 to 31st October 1940 sadly there are now only 9 remaining as at 26th July 2018.  Amazingly of these 9 only one of them flew Spitfires, the others were Blenheims and Hurricanes. Herewith the details.

Flight Lieutenant William Terence Clark – DFM. 219 Squadron, Blenheims.  ( British )

Wing Commander John Francis Durham Elkington, 1 Squadron, Hurricanes.  ( British )

Wing Commander Paul Caswell Farnes  DFM, 501 Squadron, Hurricanes  ( British )

Squadron Leader J.S.Hart, 54, 81 and 602 Squadrons, Hurricanes  ( Canadian )

Flying Officer John Allman Hemingway – DFC, 86 Squadron, Hurricanes  ( Irish )

Flight Lieutenant William Robert Kent Hughes – DFC & AE, 23 Squadron, Blenheims  ( British )

Flight Lieutenant Ronald MacKay, 234 Squadron, Spitfires  ( British )

Flight Lieutenant Archibald McInnes, 601 & 238   Squadrons, Hurricanes  ( British )

Flight Lieutenant Maurice Hewlett Mounsdon, 56 Squadron, Hurricanes.  ( British )

Below is the Battle of Britain Medal which was awarder to all the pilots that flew in the BoB to which was attached the special clasp which confirmed their participation in the battle.




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