Extracts from the Trust Deed:

WHEREAS the founder wishes to create a trust by way of a donation to the trustees for the purpose of establishing a trust fund to pursue and carry out the public benefit activities and objects of the trust as set out below, subject to the terms and conditions laid down by the founder and contained in the trust deed;

AND WHEREAS the trustees have declared themselves prepared to accept and to hold and invest the donation in pursuance of the objects of the trust, subject to the terms and conditions laid down by the founder and stipulated in the deed;


3.1 The sole objects of the trust are to hold and apply funds within the Republic of South Africa, in a non-profit manner and with an altruistic intent, for the carrying on of one or more of the following public benefit activities, as contemplated in Part II of the Ninth Schedule to the Income Tax Act:

3.1.1 To provide funds or assets to any public benefit organisation, institution, board or body contemplated in section 18A(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act, which pursue essentially the same objects as this trust.

3.1.2 The care or counselling of, or the provision of education programmes relating to, abandoned, abused, neglected, orphaned or homeless children.

3.1.3 The provision of facilities for the protection and care of children under school-going age of poor and needy parents.

3.1.4 The provision of health care services to poor and needy persons.

3.1.5 The care or counselling of persons with a severe physical or mental disability, and the counselling of their families in this regard.

3.1.6 The provision of bridging courses to enable educationally disadvantaged persons to enter a higher education institution as envisaged in sub-paragraph (b).

3.1.7 The provision of educare or early childhood development services for pre-school children.

3.1.8 Educational enrichment, academic support, supplementary tuition or outreach programmes for the poor and needy.

3.2 Without restricting the general objects in 3.1, the trustees shall give preference to activities that are to the benefit of children in the Wellington area suffering from Fetal  Alcohol Syndrome.

3.3 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary implied in this trust deed, no activities of the trust may directly or indirectly promote the economic self-interest of any fiduciary or employee of the trust, otherwise than by way of reasonable remuneration.


The complete Trust Deed document is available on request.  See contact details under Contact Us.

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