As we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Battle of Britain mainly the pilots and the aircraft I must say that very little attention and honour has been given to another aircraft which played an important roll in the BoB.
What aircraft might that be is your first reaction. Well let me enlighten you right away.

The Bristol Blenheim

At the outset of the war Fighter Command had just over 100 examples of this twin engine aircraft. The Blenheim force fought the nocturnal war during the BoB which was something that the Spitfire and Hurricane could not do as they were not night fighter equipped aircraft, the Blenheim and became more effective during the latter part of July 1940 when they were equipped with the Airborne Interception ( AI ) Radar Sets. Not all Blenheim’s were fitted with AI but despite that they were up night after night to try to stop the Luftwaffe bombing raids over London. Gradually the Blenheim’s were replaced by the more modern Beaufighter but they never the less performed an important roll during the BoB. Needless to say the majority were scrapped and very few remained mostly as scrap.

We now fast forward to 2003 when John Romain and his staff at Aircraft Restoration Company Duxford acquired a wrecked Blenheim and have worked on it for a staggering. 26000 hours to restore and modify it to a Mk 1 version. Finally in November 2014 John taxied out onto the runway at Duxford and took to the air.

Its now seen at many air shows and it was a great pleasure to see this aircraft fly with the Spitfires and Hurricanes during the 75th anniversary air show at Duxford on the 19th and 20th September 2015.

Here are a couple of photo’s I took of the aircraft.


John Mackenzie

Blenheim Duxford Sept 2015

Bristol Blenheim









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