The full impact of winter in the Western Cape has eventually come down on us and all over you can here the coughing and sniffing of people.  Really

bad news is that our trustee in London, John Hurts, suffered a set back with his health and is a bit out of action at present.  John is the driving force behind the goals and establishment of our local Spitfire Society and we really miss his regular writings full of typical British humour.  We wish John a speedy recover and the very best with any other hills he has to climb.

In the meantime another John, (Mackenzie) has joined the search for more information on the four SA fighter pilots in the BoB I need for my book.  And talking about the book.  The Afrikaans copy will be available in a week or two and the English one hopefully in a month or two.  Title:  Politics, People and Perspective:  The Battle of Britain.  The Role of Sailor Malan and other SA fighter pilots in the Battle of Britain.

Oh yes, about John MacKenzie, an ardent admirer of Sailor Malan.  Our Trust is flat broke at the moment which means our projects have come to a standstill.  With great enthusiasm John approached Nicky Oppenheimer and got a handsome R10 000 from him for the Trust. We are also working on other possibilities like the British Embassy, Rolls Royce and other companies and individuals to support us in order to reach our goals.  Any support or suggestions in this regard will be welcomed.!!


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