With acknowledgement to Die Burger newspaper of 14th November 2015 please find attached hereto an article they published in the ” By ” supplement of todays newspaper.
Although the article is in Afrikaans, it covers a section of Chris de Wits new book of which the Afrikaans edition has just been released. The English version of the book will hopefully be released later this month or early December.
The title of his book is :-

Politics, Personalities and Perspective

The Battle of Britain

The role of Sailor Malan and other South African fighter pilots

The Burger newspaper article is the story behind one of the South African pilots, Petrus Hendrik Hugo, nicknamed ” Dutch ” or also called ” Piet Khaki ” named by his sister when he was a young boy because the Karoo sun used to burn him pink in the face like a ” Rooinek “.  He was born on the farm ” Pampoenpoort ” in the Victoria West district of the Great Karoo. He matriculated from the local high school in 1936 and went on to study aeronautical engineering between 1937 and 1938 at the Witwatersrand Technical College.

In January 1939 he joined the Royal Airforce and after training he was posted to 615 squadron.

I don’t want to go into much detail as for those of you who can read Afrikaans a lot more will come out in this very interesting article. For those that can’t read Afrikaans I’m afraid I’m going to keep you in suspense  as I want you to purchase the wonderful book containing lots and lots of very interesting chapters about the South African BoB pilots during WW 11. I will however tell you that due to his exceptional skills as a fighter pilot and the number of enemy aircraft and ships as well as ground vehicles he shot down and damaged ” Dutch ” Hugo was personally presented by King George V1 at Buckingham Palace his DSO, not to bad for a ” boer seun ” born in Pampoenpoort hey !!! .(  He had earlier been awarded the DFC as well as a bar to this award.)

I hope I’ve wet your appetite to purchase Chris’s book when it reaches the book shelves. We will let you know via this site as well as through the media when that happens.  For those of you who would like to purchase the Afrikaans edition which is available right now please contact Chris directly and he will organise it for you.

I’m sorry I had to split the article as the page was to large for the scanner. ( You will also have to rotate the articles in your computer )

Enjoy the reading.

John Mackenzie.










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