In my research on SA pilots in the Battle of Britain I have listed 26 names which include the names of Christopher Joseph Quintin Brand which of course was a pilot frorm WW 1 and that of Carl Davis who was born in South Africa but from American parents.  Brand was the OC of Group 10 during the BoB.  I have decided to include the two gentlemen for the sake of a more complete picture.  However, I am looking for pictures of the following pilots and will be grateful for help in this regard.  Hopefully a book on these brave fighters will appear later this year.  The names are:

1. Walter Stafford Bowyer

2. Colin Anthony Gordon Clarke

3. Leslie William Graham

4. Geoffrey David Leyborne Haysom

5. Michael Rowland Hill

6. Spencer Ritchie Peacock-Edwards.

Thanks in anticipation to hear from anybody regarding any photo material of the above.

Dr. Chris de Wit

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