To our great delight our new website is now fully operational and we hope to build up a close but extensive circle of enthusiastic contributors.  In the past we made a few efforts to keep in contact with our initial contributors by means of a newsletter which took an awful lot of time and effort.  We apologise for being silent and the possible impression of given up on what we have started more than a year ago with the Sailor Malan/Spitfire initiative.  Our sincere thanks again to all of you who responded to our appeals to come up with documents and literature on Sailor Malan, Dutch Hugo and the other South Africans who flew their Spitfires and Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain.   A whole lot of new and related fields of research and projects sprang up over the last couple of months.  So far we have traced a total of 25 SA fighter pilots who were involved in the BoB and taking into account South Africans, like Sir Quintin Brand, in passive roles, the net is becoming increasingly wider.

History is not just collecting facts but also about interpretation and context.  Too long have the history of the South Africans who took part in World War 2, and in particular the Battle of Britain, and especially those with Afrikaner ties, been neglected on purpose for political reasons.

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